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Non-Theratears Dry Eye Products

EyesPack Hot/Cold Compress

A medical Grade gel-filled hot or cold compress, ergonomically shaped for either providing a hot compress prior to eyelid hygiene or lid scrubs, or a cold compress afterwards or to reduce swelling, bruising etc in cases of ocular allergy or following eye-lid surgery.

Lid-Care Lid Wipes

Gentle cleanser for daily eyelid hygiene.Removes crusting from around the eyelids.pH-Adjusted, oil free. Contains no potentially irritating perfumes or dyes. Pack containing 100 cleaning pads, 100ml sterile cleanser

Ocumed Tears Drops

Ocumed Tears mimics the basal tear layer by being muco-adhesive and visco-elastic. Hyaluronate has non-newtonian biphasic characteristics, and exhibits high viscosity betweens blinks and low viscosity during a blink. is hypotonic. 20 vials per box.

Systane Drops

SYSTANE contains a unique gelling and lubricating system formulated to adjust to each user's individual tear film pH. This ensures optimum properties and provides enhanced relief for each individual user. When the ingredients in SYSTANE combine with natural tears, a soft gel forms a network of protection over the eye's surface. This promotes a healthy environment so damaged surface cells can repair more easily.

Liposic Eye Gel

A new gel for the treatment of dry eyes replaces the lipid, mucin and aqueous components of tears, says manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. Liposic Eye Gel is a hydrophilic polymer that binds water, forming a lubricant; moisture is released as the gel breaks down. The pH and osmolality of the gel are similar to those of natural tears.

GelTears Gel

This medicine contains carbomer, which is a synthetic polymer that forms a viscous eye gel. It produces a transparent, lubricating and moistening film on the surface of the eye and is used as artificial tears.This medicine can be used as a substitute for natural tears for people who suffer from dry eyes because they do not produce enough of their own tears. Carbomers cling to the surface of the eye and are therefore not washed out of the eye as quickly as other lubricating eye drops.

Lacrilube Ointment

white soft paraffin 57.3 %, mineral oil (liquid paraffin) 42.5 %, lanolin alcohols 0.2 % Suitable for overnight use esspecially in recurrent erosion syndrome

Theratears Dry Eye Products

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