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Winner of the 2012 Lens Product of the Year at the Optician Awards & 2011 Silmo d'Or award in the Vision Category

Optifog with Crizal UV is the most advanced and durable no-glare anti-fogging lens on the market with everyday UV protection. 

All spectacle wearers have at some point encountered what we commonly refer to as our ‘glasses steaming up’, or fogging. It doesn’t matter where we are, our glasses steam up or fogg when we move from a cold to a hot environment.

For many, this can be problematic as well as being unsightly. It’s also a major inconvenience as we rely on instant vision at all times.

 Although there are sprays and solutions available to buy over the counter that reduce the effects of steaming up or fogging, there has never, until now, been a total solution that will prevent it.

Optifog lenses deliver unique lens technology that gives long lasting fog free vision to all.




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