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Varilux Comfort

Live your life in Varilux Comfort

When Varilux Comfort lenses were first launched, they set a new standard in varifocal lens technology, and it's still the most widely used varifocal lens design in the world today.The varifocal design of Varilux Comfort New Edition has recently been updated and it still offers all the great benefits of the original varifocal lens and even a personalisation option.

The Benefits:
Wider fields of vision
The field of vision have been made broader to help ensure clarity is maintained at all distances, even when your eyes are moving.

Moving between field of vision
Thanks to the optimal positioning of the various vision zones within each lens, moving between long, medium and short vision is smooth and simple.

Close up clarity
Near vision is strengthened so that small, everyday objects can be seen with ease. You can also retain a natural posture when working on screen.

Personalise your Varilux Comfort New Edition Lenses for Greater Visual Comfort

Now available with a personalised 'eyecode' option to measure your dynamic 3D rotation centre. Thanks to our new technology, your optician can record your exact eye rotation centre measurement and can use this data, in addition to your prescription, to make advanced physiologically-matched varifocal lenses that are tailored just for you. Ask us about the 'eyecode' option for the precise vision without effort

*The eyecode option is only available from opticians who have a Visioffice measuring system within their practice.

View our Eyecode Visioffice video for more information.eyecode