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The Eye Wand for ‘at home’ MGD and dry eye treatment. At Matheson Optometrists we tested several heat/massage devices and have found the Peep Club Eye Wand to be excellent. For more information, click here

Peep Lipid Layer Enhancing Spray



You won't find a dry eye treatment that's simpler to use than the Peep Lipid Eye spray. The eye spray is simply sprayed onto the CLOSED eyelid which makes it particularly ideal for all of you who find drops inconvenient or difficult to use.


IPL - Intense Pulsed Light


Matheson Optometrists have invested in the latest technology for the treatment of dry eye. Using intense pulsed light, we can restore your meibomiam glands to good health. Read more



Each one of these frames has been designed, made and tested in England. With a cool combination of flattering shapes, striking colours and meticulous attention to detail there is a Walter & Herbert frame for every occasion.

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Manufactured in Italy by specialist craftsmen, every aspect of a Black Label frame is made to the highest standard, from the perfectly flush finish of the screwless hinge and the rich colours of the titanium, to the delicate branding on the end tips. Laser cut from sheet titanium, there are no joins or solder points which are the usual points at which a frame breaks.

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With a DNA rooted both ideologically and geographically in the watchmaking industry elevated by Swiss pioneers, Von Arkel delivers true innovation to its signature hinges, inspired by technology and the beauty of past craftsmanship. Honesty as a guideline, quality as an imperative and innovation carried out for the sake of tradition, Von Arkel redefines Swiss savoir-faire with the development of breakthrough hinges that close the gap between contemporary fashion and ever-evolving technological prowess.

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ZEISS DriveSafe

Don’t compromise your safety with spectacles that don’t provide the best possible vision on
the road. ZEISS, the leader in precision optics for over 165 years, has a new solution for you –
ZEISS DriveSafe. click here for more information

Matheson Optometrists were proud to visit the Zeiss year of innovation demonstration recently.



Lindberg the n.o.w collection

Lindberg n.o.w

The n.o.w collection from Lindberg combines their award winning design with ultra-light weight materials to produce modern comfortable pieces, when wearing these glasses you will be able to feel the quality.

Lindberg are known throughout the world for there advancements in eyewear technology and are rewarded year on year by the industry with many awards. Now Lindberg eyewear has brought us the n.o.w collection, this range features a variety of acetate front designer glasses with metal temples.

Keeping in line with its lightweight design these frames weigh in at only 2.3 grams and with the front rim composed of hypoallergenic composite material measuring 2mm thin, giving the wearer the overall impression of almost wearing nothing at all. They also come with nose pads that have 5 different multi adjustable ergonomic designs and titanium sides to provide extra strength and flexibility for an extremely light weight but very durable frame.

As always with Lindberg the glasses have screwless hinges, meaning less adjustments and tightening sessions are required and a high tech nano coating helps keep the glasses free from scratches. The range comes in a variety of 15 different transparent and gradient colours hand polished for a fantastic finish. This range is available to view in our practices now.




Zeiss digital lenses

Smart phones, tablets and gps systems have become a massive part of modern day life. These are devices we often use everyday and for long periods of time. In fact in 2013 mobile-connected devices exceeded the world population for the first time.

For people aged between 30 and 49 in the UK

- 75% are smart phone users
- 63% spend 5 hours or more using digital devices everyday
- 29% have a tablet or e-book reader

This use of digital devices creates new challenges for our eyes, looking at digital screens means the number of daily cycles switching from far to near and back has increased. This is very demanding on the ciliary muscle of the eye and coupled with a reduction in accommodation, this can lead to blurred vision, tired or dry eyes and neck strains.

Description: zeiss-digital-lenses-stage-980x448.jpg

Zeiss are introducing a lens product to meet the need of people mainly between 30-40 years of age (although many others can also benefit) who are experiencing near vision discomfort for the first time. Regardless of whether they are currently wearers of single vision glasses or not yet spectacle wearers. The lens is designed to give the patient a large uninterrupted distance zone and comfortable near zone for relaxed vision on digital devices.

Product features
- optimised lens design to support close up vision for digital devices -large distance zones to match existing visual behaviour with single vision lenses or with out spectacles -allows smoother transition into varifocal lenses later on when these are required.

Benefits to patient
- helps the eye to focus more easily
- stress and strain free viewing throughout the entire day
- easy adaptation
- for universal use throughout the day

Zeiss digital lenses will help to make tired eyes and stiff necks a thing of the past. They help the users of digital devices to maintain focused, fit and fresh vision all day. A recent study has found that 90% of those studied where satisfied as the lenses reduced there symptoms of strained or tired eyes by a factor of 4.


New Lindberg frames

Combines the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium into a minimalistic design. Completely bespoke with a massive arrange of lens shapes and frame styles and colours. Viewed by many as "the best of the best"!


Lindberg Rimless



OCT in all practicesZeiss_logo

We have state of the art ZEISS oct machines in all practices, these allow us to see parts of the eyes structure which cannot be seen by other means. They show us a cross section of theeyes tissues, much like looking at a slice of cake as opposed to just seeing the icing. Click here for more information



New photochromatic lenses which change colour inside the car and home

transitions xtractive


xtractive_vs_std comparrison


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