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Refractive Surgery

Laser Surgery (LASIK using Wavefront Technology)

Taking the step towards having refractive surgery is not one to be taken lightly.
With modern lasers, in the hands of an experienced refractive surgeon, with proper patient selection, excellent vision correction can usually be achieved.
Our group provides both a pre-surgery assessment service in which your suitability for laser surgery is determined, and post-surgery follow up examinations.

This involves:-
· Cycloplegic Refraction 
· Dilated Retinoscopy 
· Ultrasonic Pachymetry 
· Corneal Topography 
· Examination of cornea with Slit Lamp Biomicroscope 
· Tear film assessment 
· Pupil size assessment in low light conditions 
· Visual Field Analysis 
· Tonometry 
· Binocular Vision Assessment 
· Full counselling service