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Patient Testimonials


I am writing to endorse Andrew Matheson following his decision to recommend that I undergo Tetra Flex Lens implantation to correct my sight and to avert acute angled glaucoma.

I was referred to Andrew Luff, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon, who works for Optegra Eye Hospitals. Following a consultation in Guildford, I underwent two operations and a laser procedure. The outcome has been amazing and I cannot speak highly enough of Mr Luff and his team.

To be free from the possibility of going blind within hours and to free from wearing glasses makes me wonder why I didn't take Andrew Matheson's advice earlier !


In April this year, Mr. Hor referred me to the QA Eye Clinic as a result of identifying anomalies in my field of vision during a very comprehensive eye test. I attended the QA Eye Clinic last week and was diagnosed with glaucoma which is now being treated with eye drops.

Previous eye tests in 2008 and 2009, at another Optometrist practice in Petersfield did not identify any problems which could suggest glaucoma. However, I understand that where glaucoma is not related to high pressure in the eye, the field of vision test is essential to identify signs of optic nerve damage. I am therefore vey grateful that Matheson Optometrists are equipped to carry out all three glaucoma tests. thanks to Mr. Hor's expertise, my glaucoma is now being treated and will be regularly monitored at the QA Eye Clinic.

I am very happy with my new spectacles, which fit perfectly and are very comfortable, so my thanks go also to the young woman who helped me select a suitable frame and ensured that it fitted properly.


With thanks and best wishes


I had Tetra-Flex implants fitted in both eyes in November 2009. There was a gap of two weeks between the first and second eye. This was followed by YAG laser capsulotomy in January 2010.

I had needed glasses for reading and driving. I was encouraged to wear glasses all of the time but I did not like doing this as I enjoyed sport and country walking. Mr Matheson told me about the option of Tetra-Flex implants so I decided to have the operation. I was given an appointment to discuss the treatment with Mr Luff the ophthalmic surgeon before going ahead.

The operations were not painful and I was told what was going on during the procedure. I had to wear a patch over the eye for the first night and use the drops but I was able to return to normal activities.

I am delighted with theresults and do not need to wear glasses. I do need some help with very small print if the light is bad but I can usually read the telephone directory. I do experience some glare from headlights when driving at night but it is not a problem.

I have reached the age of 79 when I have to accept that my body will show signs of wear and tear but it is wonderful to have my eyes functioning better than they were four years ago.


Dear Mr Matheson i'm not altogether sure that i'm grateful for the diagnosis (wet AMD) but certainly appreciative of the care that you took in reaching it and also, for putting me on the fast track for treatment at Southampton.

Thank you very much

with very best wishes