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Reykjavik Eyes was conceived by Icelandic frame designer Gunnar Gunnarsson. As a child, Gunnar worked in his parent’s opticians practice in Iceland during the summer holidays, replacing lost screws and working on broken frames. This work spurred Gunnar to design his own frames and so, Reykjavik Eyes was born.


Each of the sleek models comes in three colours that combine a sophisticated pallet with hints of vibrant hues, all inspired by the landscape of Iceland.

Flashes of striking titanium paired with rich tones of Mazzucchelli acetate make for a bold and confident collection. Every detail has been carefully considered allowing the wearer to express themselves without compromising on technicality.

Manufactured in Italy by specialist craftsmen, every aspect of a Black Label frame is made to the highest standard, from the perfectly flush finish of the screwless hinge and the rich colours of the titanium, to the delicate branding on the end tips. Laser cut from sheet titanium, there are no joins or solder points which are the usual points at which a frame breaks.


Starting at a mere 3.5g, Reykjavik Eyes includes models in both titanium and acetate. They are some of the lightest and strongest frames ever made, offering a unique combination of comfort, strength and style.

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