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Research offers new approach on glaucoma treatment.

A new trial compares drops and laser-based treatment and could have a huge impact on how we manage the disease.

It is Glaucoma Week

It is Glaucoma Week, a disease that remains one of the biggest causes of irreversible blindness globally. There is huge publicity in a bid to attract people to have regular eye examinations and optic nerve checks, especially first degree relatives, FDR.


Healthy Eyes AMD Supplement

Healthy Eyes are a chewable supplement containing Lutein and Zeaxanthin which is perfect for those suffering or wishing to lessen their chances of developing age related Macula degeneration.

Recall of Intraocular Lenses

Recent press has highlighted a batch of lenses used during cataract surgery, to be causing a decrease in vision.

Surgeons perform first gene therapy procedure aimed at stopping AMD-related blindness


Recenly, on Friday 2nd June. Andrew Matheson gave a presentation to  the Macular Society at Haslemere entitled  “Dry eyes, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Retinal Detachment”. This was very well recieved and provided an update on previous talks and whats new in our community specialist therapeutic optometry clinics in Hampshire. Videos of various procedures such as intra-vitreal injections and the fitting of amniotic membranes which enlightened members of the society and also provided reassurance that things have moved on in recent years and these procedures are much less invasive than in the past. These and other educational videos can be found on our youtube site

Andrew and Claire Matheson demonstrated various low vision aids including the new USB Color Monomouse that can plug into a laptop or other computer. A Television version is also available. These can be ordered on an impressive new scheme, found at

Brieley the manufacture have a club you can join ensuring you always have the most up to date equipment. Find out more here.

At the end of the meeting the macular society made a collection that raised more funds for the Returning Vision/Sight 2020 Africa cause, unabling more visually deprived Africans to regain their sight.

Andrew Matheson has just returned from his latest charitable endevour in Romania. See more here


A big thanks to St Catherine's School in Bramley who have donated 54 pairs of high quality spectacles towards our Returning Vision Cause

Thanks to those who attended the talk Hosted by the Macular Society and presented by Andrew Matheson at the Haslewey Centre in Haslemere on Friday 6th June 2014

Following the event, a reasonable sum was donated towards Matheson Optometrists continued provision of spectacles for those less fortunate in third world countries.



Hosted by the Macular Society Andrew Matheson will be holding a talk/ presentation at the Haslewey Centre in Haslemere on Friday 6th June 2014 at 2pm. The Macular Society have booked a larger room, so there should be space for all who are interested to come along and find out what makes us different!


Andrew Matheson (left) took delivery of the Optician Optometrist of the Year Award earlier this month. Unfortunately dry eye specialist Matheson was unable to attend the Optician Awards presentation ceremony in London last month to take delivery of the CooperVision-sponsored accolade in person.

Macular Society

Andrew Matheson Winner of Optometrist of the year 2013


Theratears Nutrition - Pflugfelder confirms Omega 3 beneficial in Dry Eye patients


Optegra Group offers a telescopic implant for end-stage age-related
macular degeneration patients


NICE issues draft guidance on treatment for diabetic macular oedema


Drinking coffee linked to pseudoexfoliation glaucoma risk


Online specatcles are dangerous according to report - Click here for more information


Andrew Matheson's Charitable work In Romania - Click here for more information


30/05/07 Andrew Matheson - Nomination for Optometrist or Optician of the Year -Click here for more information

27/03/2012 Macular Degeneration – innovations in diagnosis and treatment.

Andrew Matheson will be telling us about the very serious issue of protecting our eyesight and the latest developments. He will tell us about the various types of Macular Disease and Degeneration, new diagnostic techniques and treatment options available. He will cover Wet and Dry Macular degeneration,
Vitreo Macular Traction, and Epi-Retinal Membranes among other conditions. Also what Specialist Optometrists, Retinal Specialist Surgeons and patients themselves can do to help..