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Intraocular Lens Replacements


The most progressive cataract surgeons provide their patients with the best restoration of vision with higher technology implants. This is accomplished by matching the patient's lifestyle and vision needs to the implant technology available.

Lenstec is proud of our Lifestyle Vision technology available through the Tetraflex implant. If you are an active senior adult with vision lifestyle needs requiring good near vision and crisp intermediate and distance vision, the Tetraflex is an implant that may meet your lifestyle and vision demands.



The video below shows how the Tetraflex implant inside your patient's eye provides a natural optic change (much like the natural crystalline lens that you had before the cataract developed) and position. The result is less dependency on glasses without optical compromise such as found in competitive lenses of multifocal design.


The Natural Replacement Lens – Why Tetraflex is Different than any other Premium Channel IOL
Although the IOL industry has introduced many premium channel lenses with new technologies, none are like the Tetraflex – the first true Lifestyle natural implant.

As a surgeon interested in providing your patients with the best choice in lifestyle vision, the Tetraflex provides a unique and patented design that has been proven effective with well over five (5) years of implantation internationally and over 50,000 patients strong. The design is unique and different from the other accommodating implants that have hinges or springs to provide mechanical movement of the optic for near and intermediate vision.

When you look at the Tetraflex design, you will note a 5 degree angulation. This represents a 5 degree start to near vision adaptation of the implant with eye physiology and movement inside the eye. All other designs have flat design and/or a hinge that is unpredictable in its movement with physiologic changes. The Tetraflex is designed with a 5 degree start to flex and adapt with the natural physiologic movements inside the eye when a patient focuses near, intermediate and far. The lens is designed to work along with the natural forces inside the patients' eye.

The flexibility of the Hydrophilic acrylic material with the Tetraflex is totally new in this high technology category of implants for premium or lifestyle applications.

The haptics are designed in a "ribbon" type flex, not a hinge. This is the key to its performance The Tetraflex will not hinge forward or backwards and stick in an undesired position. The ribbon haptic provides a natural flex forward and back without the need for 'mechanical' movement. The material is naturally flexible like the tissue inside the eye and provides a natural flex along with the muscle movements inside the eye to provide much more robust vision for your patients' lifestyle needs.

Other premium channel and high technology implants use multifocal optics to provide multiple optical powers. These implants split the light into the eye and provide optics within the pupil in different power. They operate on the idea that a patient does not need all the light it has in order to see well. So, they borrow light from each optical power to accomplish a vision focused at near, intermediate and far. This reduces nighttime vision quality and contrast sensitivity. These designs also have been known to cause glare and halos from the changes within the optical system when moving from near to intermediate and far vision systems in one IOL implant.

The Tetraflex does not split light and provides full optical refractive power for the Active Lifestyle


Click here to view a testimontial form one of our patients who has tetralex lenses