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Dry Eye Publications



Analysis of Cytokine Levels in Tears and Clinical Correlations After Intense Pulsed Light Treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Bill Harvey catches up with Andrew Matheson and asks about what goes into a newly launched dry eye drop As the first batch of optometrists successfully qualify for extended prescribing rights, Andrew Matheson recounts optometry’s long-running struggle and offers advice for anyone thinking of specialising in therapeutics


Dry Eye Management - the Theratears Approach (Optician Sept 2006) 
In this article Andrew Matheson explains how the 4 Theratears products (Theratears Lubricant Eye-drops, Theratears Liquid Gel, Theratears Nutrition flax-seed and fish oil omega-3 supplement and Theratears Sterilid anti-bacterial lid-foam lid hygiene product) are used and their relevance in different types of dry eye disease


Dry Eye Assessment and Management (Replay Learning Dec 2006) 
In this 17 page comprehensive article Andrew Matheson explains an up-to-date approach to both the assessment of dry eye and ocular surface disease and following this assessment, appropriate treatment protocol. This article was the first published and specifically designed to meet the new strict requirements for optometrists holding the new therapeutic specialist qualifications to achieve speciality CET.



Tear Film - its Assessment (Eyes Magazine Nov 2006)
This article introduces the structure and qualities of the normal and abnormal tear film, current "best-fit" theories are explained. This is to be followed by other dry eye related topics in the future.
Eye Drops - The Electrolyte Factor (Gilbard/Pardo 2005) 
In this article the authors Jeffery Gilbard and Denis Pardo, dry eye practitioners from America discuss the importance of the osmolarity and electrolyte balance of the tears in maintaining tear quality and the health of the anterior eye, especially the corneal epithelium and the goblet cells of the conjunctiva mucous membrane.

Nutrition and the Eye (Gilbard 2004 Optometry Today)
Here Gilbard discusses how the eye, tear film and lids and their secretions and health is affected by our diet. Fluid intake, the affect of diuretics, medications and general health are covered. In particular the effect of omega 3 supplementation with fish oil and flaxseed oil is covered.