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Theratears for the contact lens wearer

News Flash!!!!

Worldwide Theratears Drops and Gel no longer available.

Unfortunately Theratears dry eye drops and Theratears liquid gel are out of production for the forseeable future. We recommend TLC MeiboTears and Hydramed preservative free eye drops in the interim period.

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Matheson Optometrists are the official importer and distributor of the theratears range of dry eye drops and products for the contact lens wearer. Suppliers both to the profession and mail order to patients in the UK and Ireland. Please contact us on our contact form for further details or phone our head office on 01962 734382.

For Soothing Relief And Comfort That Works!

How theratears drops can maintain successful and comfortable Contact lens Wear

Over the past twenty-five years, slow but steady progress has been made in understanding the causes of contact lens induced dryness, burning and irritation that an increasing number of contact patients report after many years of wearing their lenses successfully. It is now recognised that these symptoms may result from decreased tear secretion due to decreased corneal sensitivity. Rigid lenses decrease corneal sensation more than soft lenses. Other causes may be linked to meibomian gland dysfunction, changes in the environment or other causes which increase tear film evaporation during wear. All of these factors have the potential to increase tear film osmolarity resulting in an osmotic dehydration of the contact lens thus increasing discomfort and decreasing wearing time. Additional irritation may be linked to preservative-induced toxicity from contact lens solution.

Sequence Leading to Discomfort

Contact lens discomfort worsens through a sequence of events which may more frequently occur with increased contact lens wear. With the onset of dryness, an increase in tear osmolarity pulls water from the surface of the lens. Eventually the tear film loses some of its ability to stick to its surface. The result is the rapid formation of dry spots on the areas of the lens where the tear film cannot hold becomes unstable and ruptures.

Management Goals

With the large variety of preserved wetting solutions, and comfort drops on the market today, it is understandable why a level of frustration exists over how to address and improve lens wearing comfort. In order to simplify the selection process, a definition of treatment goals is as followed: First, the product recommended must lower tear film osmolarity. The product must not only wet the lens, but must rehydrate it as well. Second and perhaps most importantly, the product must be compatible with the natural electrolyte balance of the human tear film and provide sufficient lubrication to provide long term comfort.

Why TheraTears Works

Preservative-free TheraTears, was developed as a result of 18 years of research in the clinics and laboratories of Harvard’s Schepens Eye Research Institute. This unique formula provides soothing lubrication of contact lens in case of dryness, burning and irritation.

TheraTears has the advantage of being hypnotic so it can fully flip the osmotic gradient, and rehydrate the dehydrated lens surface. In addition TheraTears contains a patented electrolyte balance that accurately matches those found in the human tear film so it not only eliminates preservative-induced toxicity but also protects against electrolyte imbalance toxicity as well. The TheraTears unit-dose delivery system provides patients with relief that is convenient to use.

TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops and TheraTears Liquid Gel contain sodium carboxymethylcellulose. TheraTears is optimally formulated to provide longer-lasting lubrication while reducing blurring and crusting associated with other products.

By recommending that patients apply TheraTears to the internal an external surface of the contact lens before insertion, irritation-inducing residue is removed from the lens and the integrity of the tear film’s electrolyte balance is maintained. As a result, contact lenses are much more comfortable on insertion.

During contact lens wear, patients should be instructed to instill the contents of one unit dose in both eyes over a five to ten minute period. This will ensure a proper coating of the surface of the eye and lens providing immediate, soothing and long-lasting relief.

By adding TheraTears Lubricant Eye Drops as part of your contact lens patient’s contact lens wearing regimen, they will feel the difference in lens wearing comfort and long-term success.

TheraTears is packaged in a special foil pouch to ensure that it stays as fresh as natural tears.